sorry for the lack of posts for basically the last year, i’ve had some difficulty in school and have been in and out of the hospital for the past little bit with various medical issues. ill be posting more frequently now so feel free to submit! thanks :)

Anonymous asked:
you know what? I'm crying right now. YOU MAKE ME CRY, I LOVE YOU, ALL THE CONFESSIONS ARE SO REAL. I promise, whoever you love in 1D will marry you. :) xxx

Thank you :)

Anonymous asked:
These confessions make me cry when I read them <3 I love them and its exactly how I feel
versxcegilinsky asked:
Could I Just Say this page is amazing .

Thanks :)

Anonymous asked:
lol you never post anymore

Photoshop stopped working on my computer so im waiting for technical support to fix it, ill start posting as soon as its repaired!!

Anonymous asked:
what happened to Jess Hannah Alexis cara and kat??

They didnt want this blog anymore so i volunteered to take it off their hands! .x